Beautiful Cluch Bag. Silk, Real Gold yarn. People have given our products as gifts to dignitaries.

Product Features

  • We of Okamoto Orimono, weavers in Kyoto Nishijin for over 100years have been producing the gold brocade called Kinran. We are proud to offer our beautiful Cushion Covers. The products have been certified by the Nishijin Textile Industry Association. Please contact us if you have been any enquiries. People have given our products as gifts to dignitaries.
  • Three Rhombus Diamond Shape Connect~Nishijin Kinran Brocade Fabric Sangai-bishi (three rhombus) with three piled-up diamonds that were preferred as simple but also auspicious design was created with the rise of Samurais who liked simple strength. By keeping the patterns overlapping, it means repetition of descendant prosperity and longevity. I designed while praying for family safety and perfect health of wearers.
  • Since we do not mass-produce our product, it might take time from order to shipping. Because the product is of high-value, we take all possible measures to ensure shipment. Therefore, it may take a while to arrive.
  • If you would like to know more about KINRAN, please read the following.
  • Real Gold Leaf Thread’ is made by putting gold leaf on the superior Japanese paper, which is used for making Japanese bills, with the lacquer and then shredding it. Please search for “Nishijin Okamoto How to make real gold yarn~short ver.” on youtube.