Designated by the Minister of International Trade and Industry as a traditional handi-craft

Suruga bamboo lattice ware

One of the traditional hand-crafts of Shizuoka, “Suruga bamboo lattice ware”, is said to have its origin around 1620 when Shizuoka was called “Suruga”. The bamboo is cut along its grain and split into many strings. These strings are woven into trays, vases, lantern shades, bird cages, insect cages, etc. All of them show specially delicate beauty in their curves and design.

A certain Haiku poet of old age once wrote:

     “I bought an insect cage

       And headed for Susono town,

         at the foot of Mt. Fuji.”

From this we can see that travellers who passed through Suruga often bought bamboo lattice ware as souvenirs.

Some models of Suruga bamboo lattice ware were awarded a prize as a special product of Japan at the International Trade Show in Vienna in 1873.

Since then it has received prizes at several other exhibitions.

The delicate beauty and soft touch of bamboo strings attract the minds of many people, and the Suruga bamboo lattice wares are bought and used in daily life not only in Japan but the world over. We sincerely wish Suruga bamboo lattice ware be favoured for a long time.

Shizuoka bamboo products were designated by Ministry of Trade and Industry as Traditional Craft Products in 1976.

How to take care of bamboo ware

  1. “Suruga bamboo lattice ware” should be regarded as something which is living and breathing.

  2. A soft brush should be used to wipe away the dust on the ware. Stains should be cleansed softly with a squeezed wet towel.

  3. It shouldn’t be dipped in water.

As these are handmade products, it may take time to delivery.

Product Features

  • Made from natural material
  • Hand made with a unique traditional japanese technique
  • High Quality
  • Recognized by the Japanese Imperial Family
  • Made in Japan