Salvatore Ferragamo/Salvatore Ferragamo Handbag (2-Way) DARINA PRINTED CALFMACARON~ROUGE NOIR/Pink Type Beautiful gradation gDARINAh. Beautiful handbag with gradated colors. The shiny double Gancini on the front of its ball-like body adds dignity. Opens widely with double zipper and zipped pocket and inner pocket in the compartment. You can store necessary items, like wallets and small accessories, when you go out. 2-way specification; it includes a strap that enables your hands to be free. [Color/Pattern] A gradation of dark purple to light pink with gold parts. Lining is dark brown. [Material/Texture] Calf skin with a fine embossed pattern. Lining is a shiny satin fabric. Gender Specification 1 Compartment, 1 Zipped Pocket, 2 Inner Pockets, 1 Outer Pocket Material: Calf Skin Fabric

Product Features

  • Dimensions/FREE Size: Height 7.8h (20cm)/Upper Side Width 7.4h (19cm)/Bottom Width 10.2h (26cm)/Length 4.7h (12cm)/Shoulder 47h (120cm)/Handles 12.5h (32cm)/Weight 23.9oz (0.68kg)