Features:The color carved part of leather will turn darker as time goes on.It will make the leather become more glossy.
Maintenance:Before the maintenance,please have a test on unobvious part.Please use cotton cloth or soft fur brush,wipe the surface of the bag with few leather nursing ointment or candles(not liquid nursing oil).
Please fill the bag with soft paper or cloth,put it in dustproof bag or storage bag.
Avoids putting in the high temperature, moist and sunlight perpendicular incidence places and air-outlet of air conditioner and heating installation

Product Features

  • Made of selected imported Italy A level vegetable tanning leather and Italy box cowhide.
  • The pattern is carved and painted by hand,take 16 hours in total to finish carving,use special waterborne pigment,ensure that the color will remain unfading.
  • Large enough to hold cash,cards,phone,and other necessary goods,can be used as oversized wallet, clutch bag, zippered bag, evening&wedding purse,etc. Especial when you do not want to carry a large bulky bag, it’s your perfect choice.
  • Design Inspiration:Pattern of Chimes of Han Dynasty,collection of Palace Museum.Pattern of this walltet is a Chinese dragon.Dragon pattern means good luck,nobleness from ancient times to present.It is symbol and belief of Chinese nation.
  • All products of our store are designed by our owm desigers and authorized by Palace Museum,only sold by us.You can purchase with confidence.