Marc By Marc Jacobs Black Leather Globetrotter Mini Rei Satchel Bag Purse New

Product Features

  • Height: 8½ Inches Length: 13 Inches Depth: 3 Inches Shoulder Strap OR Handle: 5½ Inches Satchels and fabric shoulder bags came in style during the 1970s as a result of young peoples’ travels to India. People shunned mass-made items; Afghan bags, patchwork and embroidery were the norm. Individual expression became essential. Psychedelic and “flower power” motifs bought a romantic and ethnic look. Women represented support for the feminist movement by donning bags with lots of buckles and zipper, suggesting a readiness and strength. This very attractive bag is no exception and screams 1970s out loud! Walk proudly with it and make that fashion statement! You go girl! Circa: 1970s