Bamboo – rattan product is a historic treasure in the past thousands years. Traditional weaving craft and exquisite accessories, which are coupled with profound history culture, endow bamboo – rattan product with a unique charm, which is antique, elegance, magnificence and nobility. Its characteristics are bright color, color persistence, low carbon, environmental protection, health, waterproof, stain resistance, durability etc.After ultraviolet irradiation, disinfection, high temperature steam treatment, natural bamboo – rattan product is sure to be durable, anti-mildew and mothproof. Additionally with strong permeability and smooth touch sense, natural bamboo – rattan product have health efficacy such as anti allergy, moisture absorption of body perspiration etc.. Natural bamboo material workflow would go through more than ten procedure, such as cutting,baking, removing node,delamination, coloring,flatness,wire drawing,uniformity etc. And natural rattan material workflow would also go through more than ten procedure, such as removing scar, slection, washing, basking, straightening, gouging, cutting, bleach, coloring etc. Finally through crafts as weaving, painting and so on, all kinds of natural bamboo – rattan product come into being.Top quality, excellent pursuit and perfect creation are our aim! Welcome your patronage! Notes: 1. Transport and transport fee depend on actual condition, so please confirm transport and transport fee by mail before ordering. 2. Due to inventory, logistics and so on factor, product delivery time is about 20 – 60 working days, so please confirm exact delivery date by mail before ordering. 3. Because traditional handmade product dimension has slight error, we are very grateful for your understanding and support.

Product Features

  • Traditional handmade, excellent technology, professional top classic manship.
  • Silver traditional accessories, premium PU leather, natural cotton – linen internal cloth.
  • Low carbon, environmental protection,soft texture, strong wear resistant, waterproof and stain resistance; A flexible and convenient use.
  • Fashionable and innovative design, bright and luxury colors, elegant and unique style, the bag is suitable for travel and leisure.
  • Bamboo – rattan bag would carry implication as disaster evacuation, warding off evil spirits and bring good luck and happiness to you.