High-quality boasts a popular world material in the item of novel design using the Italian brand tote bag “Fendi”. Since PVC coating processing is given strongly to scratches and dirt, it is shapeless difficult robust form. Design which has been subjected to the entire surface Zucca pattern of classic is easy to match any coordination, age is also not limited, you can long favorite. Since the opening and closing a zipper, it is a safe design to not see the contents. The inside is equipped with a zip pocket, it can hold small items. Storage capacity is excellent because there is a gusset width. Because it corresponds to the A4 size, regardless started turning on and off the commute takes an active part in every scene. Handle is made to narrow, is a stylish impression. Sophisticated design and combines the ease of use, “Fendi” Recommended Tote de bag. Gift, of course, is the perfect bag to reward yourself.

Product Features

  • Vertical: H27×W46×D14cm
  • Weight: about 450g
  • Surface: PVC coating canvas / leather
  • [This product, sukiyaki shop will deliver]
  • Country of origin: Italy