Bottega Veneta is a luxury leather goods brand of Italy. Its history tradition of skilled leather craftsmen began in deep Veneto region. Because Bottega has means “workshop”. As the name implies, it has developed a luxury leather goods that tradition as a craftsman. Bottega Veneta attraction dignity even in the tradition that is loved all over the world, with has a elegance taste, even while also timeless, will always incorporate new things, there is a graceful flexibility Will. Typical design of Bottega Veneta, “braided” by handmade was inspired by the basket network symbolizes the Bottega Veneta itself. Nowadays “braided” is a lot of casual brand has been incorporated into the bag and accessories, but its “grace” nuance is still Bottega Veneta does not seem I enemy. Recommended for gifts and gift.

Product Features

  • Country of origin: Italy
  • Material: lamb leather
  • Size: about H9.5 × W11 × D2.5cm
  • Specifications: wallet partition Yes, coin purse open and close-button, insert the card × 4, pocket × 2
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