Guatemala is famous for its rich heritage in handwoven textiles. The art of weaving on a backstrap loom dates back to ancient Mayan times and has been passed down through generations of Guatemalan women. Backstrap weaving is used to create vibrant colored textiles and huipil blouses (traditional women’s shirts). Intricate embroidery patterns symbolizing a woman’s village themes are stitched into the cloth during the weaving process. Our bags are carefully cut to capture the intricate hand embroidered patterns women wove into the blouses they once wore. Each bag is sewn by skilled seamstresses who finish the new designs with soft suede accents and straps. Some accessories are further adorned with handmade pom poms crafted by one woman artisan who specializes in this craft. With these bags we create employment for women of the Guatemalan highlands, preserve culture, and allow you to express your global style!

Product Features

  • Fair trade, made by global women artisans
  • Handwoven & hand embroidered with soft suede trim
  • Vintage recycled textiles will have imperfections & no two are exactly alike
  • Handmade in Guatemala
  • Change lives when you buy Among Women – Where art and opportunity meet to empower women worldwide