The Liege Cortisa Vegan Cork Mini Clutch is Europe’s latest fashion innovation. Combining environmental sustainability, vegan construction, waterproofing and general utility and durability the Cork Mini Clutch promises to last for years and brighten your whole wardrobe. Made of Cork the Mini Clutch gives you the protection of the wood Cork fabric, the softness of cotton, the smoothness of leather, and the health of hypoallergenic products. All of this in one new product! Liege Cortisa, a European Fashion company tied to the latest trends in European Fashion, now presents these lessons. Already growing within Spanish, French, and Italian Fashion, Cork is bound to take North America by storm. Be ahead of the curve and use Cork today! Embrace Vegan fashion and European fashion together in a product that keeps your belongings safe and feels natural to the touch. The Cork Mini Clutch is conveniently sized to fit into existing purses. The Cork fabric is flexible enough that it can be folded over and bended without breaking as needed. Available in a variety of colors such as Natural Cork with Gold Lustre, Cherry Red, Midnight Black, and Ocean Blue. Embrace Comfort and the environment; Buy your Cork Mini Clutch Now!

Product Features

  • NATURAL VEGAN CLUTCH, AVAILABLE IN MANY COLORS – The Cork Mini Clutch is a Vegan product, created with all natural and sustainably harvested Cork Wood which supports the environment. Harvesting Cork saves animal lives! Available in Natural Cork, Cherry Red, Midnight Black, and Ocean Blue.
  • WATERPROOF WITH UNIQUE HYPOALLERGENIC TEXTURE – We make our Mini Clutch out of all natural Cork which means the outside is both waterproof and completely hypoallergenic! Be comfortable and safe knowing that your Mini Clutch protects your belongings and your health as Cork resists allergens naturally.
  • HANDMADE FOR MAX QUALITY – Your Mini Clutch is handmade by expert Portuguese craftsmen who know European, Spanish, French, and Italian fashion inside and use their knowledge to create Cork apparel of the greatest quality.
  • CORK FABRIC IS DURABLE, STRONG – Your belongings are safe in your Mini Clutch. Cork Fabric resists damage and has the special ability to rebound after pressure, ensuring that your Mini Clutch lasts.
  • BUY CHIC CORK, SUPPORT THE ENVIRONMENT – Cork is a Chic new material and every Cork good sold further protects the environment. Portugal protects every Cork tree in the country by encouraging harvesting the outer bark alone, which encourages life in the nearby environment.