ILILAC brand evening bags, the fabric is a high quality synthetic diamonds embedded in the aluminum mesh. Use glossy plated metal parts, hard shell covering a soft fabric and satin. Hand stitching and combination assembled.

unique design, elegant and luxurious appearance. Inner bag design compact and convenient Placement, can be easily placed in lipstick, makeup, perfumes and mobile phones and other belongings ladys.

stones and metal surfaces are designed in all environments is easy to keep clean and shiny, not easy to leave fingerprints.

We are ILILAC factory outlets, evening bags we produce more than ten years, the main products sold in Europe and America

Product Features

  • Fabric is using high-quality diamond evening bag
  • Highlight polished plating metal frame
  • Luxury satin niling clutches
  • Body bags Dimensions: 8.8 x 4.6 x 2 inches and a length of two chains
  • Perfect for special fancy event,weddings, party and etc