The perfect purse-wallet combination! Whats better than having everything you need in one compact spot This Michael Kors wristlet is the ultimate chic fashion accessory that you cannot live without This savvy space saver with 7 pockets is what you need so that you can easily access everything that is a necessity With the feminine charm of the leather wristlet you can guarantee that there will be looks of jealousy from your friends! This wristlet is for the active professional or youthful woman Less is definitely more in this case and you cannot go wrong Commit to the simple yet tasteful look of this wristlet It will add a stylish glow to any outfit and complement your busy life schedule It is ideal for everyday use and goes especially well with a night out And wine But not too much wine CARE Sometimes there are things you should and should not do with your timeless wristlet DO store all major credit cards cash chewing gum cell phone and lady products in the compact wristlet DO NOT take your wallet into the hot tub to float in the pool or drop it in the toilet Please keep contents of the wristlet away from children unless you dont mind an impromptu empty bank account or empty gum wrappers If you are ever in a situation where you are being robbed please do not forget that even though your wristlet is empowering its not worth fighting for Please hand it over to the thief and then contact the proper authorities We cannot be held responsible for any money that is missing from your wallet or maxed out credit cards after a vacation late night shopping spree or girls night out

Product Features

  • leather with fabric lining
  • strapless with strap drop of 0″
  • Additional strapless with strap drop of 0″
  • zipper Closure
  • Dimensions: 10″W x 5.50″H x .75″D