Hot One Brand Bags Only Sold by Hot One,

The Other Sellers are Selling FAKE Products, They are “JUST Launched”,

Please DO NOT Buy from Other Sellers.

if You Received a Purse without “HotOne”Logo and “HotOne” Brand Keychain,Sorry,You Bought a fake product, pls report to Amazon ASAP.

About The Purses and Handbags:

This is A geometric holographic purse,A Reflective Luminous Purse,A Holographic Purse.

Color Will Changes When Light Hitting,Totally Different in the Day and Night.

Geometric Shard Lattice Design,Made of Eco-friendly Artificial Leather.

This is a Purse and Wallet set for women

Easily Hold All You Stuff of Daily Use, Such as iPad,Cosmetic,books,Wallet,Phone etc.

It’s a Fashion Bags,Flexible All Your Dress.

It’s a Super Popular in Amazon,It’s a Product of “Amazon Choice” .


Large Size Purses:Length:18.1inch Height:12.4inch

Medium Size Purses:Length:14.8inch Height:10.2inch

What’s in The Box of Each Options:

– You can choose:

one Single Luminuos Purse of Medium or Large Size.

or one Backpack,

or Purse with Wallet,

– 1 pc Hot One Unique Keychain

How To Care:

To remove dirt, wipe gently with a damp, tightly wrung soft cloth and then wipe dry. Do not use paint thinner, benzene or detergent, etc.


As the materials used are heat-sensitive,

1.Please store in a well ventilated place, do not expose to direct sunlight, heat or high humidity.

2.Avoid folding as this can result in visible fold marks

Product Features

  • New upgraded Purse (Large size) and wallet with zipper combo, satisfy customer demand for choice and variety .
  • When the light reflected in the geometric combo, Color Will Changes when Light Changes. very cool !
  • Zipper wallet can better protect your private items. and the Geometric tote with a Detachable Strap,Can as a Shoulder Bag or Handbag.
  • Geometric Handbag With 5 Small Pockets, Easily Hold All You Stuff of Daily Use Such as iPad,Cosmetic,Umbrella,Wallet,Keys,Phone etc.
  • Purse with wallet set, flexible all your dress,make you more fashionable in Party or Date.