The Cork Envelope Clutch Purse

The Cork Envelope Clutch features classic elegance and modern materials, appealing across markets. Fashionistas, Vegans, Environmentalists, and the confident lady can all enjoy the simplicity of Cork, the most comfortable wood available.

Cork is the Perfect Natural Material

Cork is the ultimate natural material. Our Cork Clutch is Cork on the outside with a soft cotton interior. The Cork outside is resistant to rain and has healing properties while the cotton interior provides that comfortable texture we all know and love.

Cork is such a great material for apparel because it’s 100% natural, sustainable, and environmentally friendly. This means you can show your support for the environment, which means so much to all of us, with style and grace. Cork is the outer bark of the Cork tree carefully stripped every decade in a way that doesn’t damage the tree and supports the ecosystem.

Why Buy Luxury Styles from Continental Latin Europe?

When you buy your Cork Envelope Clutch you’re not just buying a purse. You’re buying an item with pedigree. Latin Europe is the birthplace of many iconic luxury brands, such as Salvatore Ferragamo, Baelnciaga, and so many more. Liege Cortisa is the Portuguese side of this proud tradition. This particular Clutch was designed by Portuguese designers and artisan Jesse Chaveiro and designer Mitchell Loureiro.

Luxury means Handmade Quality at Liege Cortisa

All our goods at Liege Cortisa are handmade and finished for maximum quality by our artisans and designers themselves. When you buy your Liege Cork Clutch you’re doing more than buying a Chic, progressive clutch; You’re supporting artisans who create ethical products by the sweat of their brow and the community around them.

Product Features

  • ELEGANT CROWN ENVELOPE STYLE FOR THAT UNIQUE, VINTAGE LOOK – Elegance is always in fashion. Impress friends and strangers alike with an envelope clutch that shouts confidence, simplicity, and attractiveness. It’s the classic envelope design with a luxury, ultra-strong German magnet in gold for a stunning contrast. The comfort of Cork with the confident continental style will have your friends asking where you got it.
  • NATURAL VEGAN LUXURY MATERIALS THAT SUPPORT THE ENVIRONMENT – Enjoy the using a clutch that shows who you are. Your Cork Clutch Purse is made using all natural vegan materials of the highest quality. Cork is sustainable, environmentally friendly, and non leather in everyway. It’s the ultimate ethical wood material that’s always in style and shows where you stand on the environment.
  • BE PROGRESSIVE AND SUPPORT HANDMADE GOODS – This clutch is entirely handmade, from start to finish. You get to enjoy the quality of a handmade clutch that supports traditional craftsmenship and art. Be progressive and show that you support independent artisans that make the goods you love.
  • LATIN IBERIAN CONTINENTAL STYLE FROM EUROPE – Your clutch comes straight from Latin Europe’s Atlantic Jewel, Lisbon. Your Cork Clutch comes from the same Latin spirit that created legendary brands like Balenciaga, Salvatore Ferragamo, and Massimo Dutti. Wear your Cork Clutch with confidence and pride.
  • CORK IS DURABLE, WATERPROOF, AND HANDMADE – Not only is Cork an elegant purse and handbag material it’s also durable and waterproof. We use a softbodied Cork which gives your clutch a flexible body that will keep it beautiful for years to come. Of course every part of it is handmade, from the cut of the Cork wood to the careful stitching. Embrace Cork embrace a non leather material that’s not just Vegan, it’s better than leather.