Bula Baby’s Diaper Tote bag is the one you need to take everything on the go in style. Its easy to carry, looks great and fits everything a baby boy, girl or even twins would need when on the go. Keeps your purse and other valuables such as tablets secure with the internal zip and multitude of inner pockets. Easily fits diapers, baby snacks, extra clothes, toys, drink bottle and all your valuables all hidden out of sight and secure with the inner zippers. The tote bag can be swung over your shoulder with the handy strap or just grab the handles and away you go. Its versatile and fashionable whether you hop on the bus as a bag or walk to the park with the tote bag attached to the stroller. Size: 13Ól x 4.5Ów x 14Óh. The Bula Baby Diaper Bag is your must have for a growing family.

Product Features

  • TAKE EVERYTHING ON THE GO – The best size with 12 big & small insert pockets to suit you and your baby’s needs. From diapers, snacks, drink bottles, toys, valuables to tablets and phones. Consider the Diaper Bag, 2 Bottle Insultated Bag VALUE PACK option.
  • EASY TO CARRY- Swing the Bula Bay Diaper Bag Organizer over your shoulder with the adjustable strap or grab the handles when its time to make a move.
  • KEEP YOUR BELONGINGS SAFE AND SECURE – Internal zips and pockets provide plenty of options for keeping your purse and other valuables out of sight.
  • QUICK & EASY TO ATTACH TO STROLLER – Quickly hang or clip your Bula Baby Bag for quick access to important items on the go.
  • STYLISH SOLUTION FOR MOMÕS AND DADÕS – Bula Baby’s Designer Graphite Chevron has a fashionable flash of red so both of you can skip out in style with your baby girl or boy. Get your stylish Bula Baby Diaper bag and add to cart now.