Comes with a Perfect Size : The designer tote bag for women is available in the perfect size so as to ensure complete satisfaction of the users. The length, height and weight of the designer tote bags are 12.6 x 6.7 x 11.4 inches which makes the product ideally suited for the intended purpose of use.

Great Design :
The fashion tote bag for women is just perfectly designed by the manufacturers which has a perfect shape and being made up of extremely durable canvas makes the bags last quite long. The product comes with a dust bag for its protection and all the metal parts of the bag are made up of aluminium alloy.

Perfect Usability :
The designer women tote bags have one interior zipper pocket and one zipper wallet with a small leather strap. The interior lining of the bag is highly durable which is made up of high quality fabric of beige colour. In an addition to this, the tote bags for women looks highly attractive with the monogram colour.

Highly Comfortable to Use :
The highly gorgeous and designer tote bags are lightweight in nature thereby making the bags extremely comfortable for use and the bag is simply a must have in your wardrobe. It is one of the favourite wearable handbags for the women and it looks fantastic in almost all cases. Finally, the stylish and designer tote bag is extremely convenient for daily use as well.

Suitable for All Occasions :
The shoulder tote bag for women are ideally suitable for almost all occasions thereby making a top choice of the women. The designer tote bags are perfectly suitable for travel, work, shopping, business trip or vacation or any other uses. Moreover, the bag can be worn on any one shoulder and at the same time, can be held in one hand.

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Product Features

  • Crafted with Care – The fashion tote bag for women has been designed with great care by the manufacturers and has given the ideal dimensions to the bags. This is the ultimate reason as to why the designer tote bags are readily preferred to be used by the women.
  • Exceptional Stylish – The designer women tote bags are such types of bags that never ever fail to impress. With its elegant look and fantastic design, these bags form great choices for the women. The bags are so stylish that it can attract the attention of almost anyone and everyone.
  • Dual Uses – The designer tote bag for women has dual uses since the bags can be used perfectly as a shoulder bag as well as a purse or hand bag thereby making the bag highly useful and convenient at the time of use. So, with the same bag you can carry it on your shoulders and at the same time, you can carry it on your hand like a purse or simply a hand bag.
  • Material is Great – The shoulder tote bag for women is made up of superb quality material and thereby making the product highly durable in nature. Great quality material of the tote bags for women makes sure that they last for a long duration of time without the product being damaged. Foe this reason, the tote bags are the most preferred choice for the women.
  • Colour is Perfect – The designer women tote bags come with a monogram colour which makes the product appear just fantastic. The perfect colour of the tote bags makes them highly attractive in nature where the timeless design makes is even more beautiful to look at.